Hide Setup menu in all modules

Hi people!! How can I hide the Setup menu of all modules. I want to leave free these menus only for system administrators.??


Guillermo A.

Users see those menu items you give them access to, therefore you want to remove access to these menu items from all roles of except of system administrators. But it doesn’t sound like a good idea; there is a lot of setup that certain users, such as managers, should be able to do (while they shouldn’t have permissions of system administrators).

Hi Martin!!
Yes, I know that the roles allow that!! But do it role by role is too much work!! Maybe by a project or a X++??

Yes, it would be a lot of work and it doesn’t make sense, therefore you should reconsider your requirement. You would either paralyze the company, because nobody would be able to do any setup, or you would give system administrator role to end users who just need configure exchange rates, add customer groups, configure data imports and many other tasks that have nothing to do with system administration. Don’t do it, you would just make everything much worse.
Look at how standard duties and roles are designed. For example, regular warehouse workers don’t have access to the same serup as warehouse managers.

I think the best option is give them roles of “Clerk” . And then make changes that will be necessary.