Hide not used department objects in Role Tailored Client in Navision 2009

Hello All,

Is it possible to hide departments which are not required for any company???

That means suppose I am using RTC and I am working on company which is of type Wholesale,Then whenever I will

start RTC I dont want to show Manufacturing Department etc link in the left side to end user which is not used for him.

Please help…


Let me try to understand what you are trying to do. You say that the department are not required for any company? Well if I’m not very wrong then it will not even show up, unless the user has permission to it. So of course when you test using your own login as a SUPER and with your development license, then everything shows up. But for your user without all permissions and on a regular customer license, then they should show up!

I actually am looking for something similar. I just want to hide the Department Tab on specific Role Centers.

Hi Asim and Scott,

I made a detailed description on how to configure role center profiles and hide the departments menu in this post.