Hide item description in AX report

Hi All,

I have created a custom quotation summary report and it runs fine. But business/user is asking to show just the first Item name(description) in the report, if there are more then one item. For example:

Quotation # 12344

Item# Item Name Cost

1234 ItemName1 2.00 (need to show)

2345 ItemName2 3.00 (need to hide)

4563 ItemName3 5.00 (need to hide)

What would be the best approach to accomplish this task?


so you want to show only itemname1 for all lines?

if yes, you can use the firstonly in the expression of the field

I need to show all item lines but for a Item name(description) only the first line and hide Item Name for second && third item. I hope, I have explained clearly :slight_smile:

Thank you!

in visible property of that field you can use rownumber to make it visible / hidden

=iif(RowNumber(Nothing) = 1,Yes,No)


I’m assuming, you think it’s a ssrs report but report in AX2009…sorry for the confusion :frowning:

get one counter variable,

write fetch method as below( rough code please get the idea and apply in your query using it)



int i;

str itemname;

i = 0





if(i == 1)


itemname = query.itemanem();




itemname = ’ ’ ;




take on display method



return itemname;


Thank you!

Hi Aadlar, You can verify the solution, if you feel that it really helped you.

FYI, AX 2009 supports both MorphX reports and SSRS reports, therefore “AX 2009 report” doesn’t say whether it’s an SSRS report or not.