Hide Inventory from MRP

I have some steel which is out of spec. The steel is in inventory but is not able to be consumed at this point. How do I hide if from MRP so AX plans another purchase of this material?

Because this is a one off item and you still want planning to look at it you need to transfer it to another warehouse that is not part of the planning run.


Thank you for your help. I’m fairly new at this sort of thing so please bare with me. How can I tell if a warehouse is part of the planning run or excluded?

Hi Thomas

That is not a problem [:D]

If you go to the warehouse record (Inventory - Setup - Inventory Breakdown) there is a master planning tab, if the manual field is selected then planning skips it as you have told it you plan for this warehouse manually. Therefore you can create a quarantine warehouse and set it as manual and the stock will be ignored.

Have you got a Quarentine Warehouse that this could be moved to and the rules in MRP should say that this is seen a a value on inventory but not available for Sale/consumption.

Hope this helps.

Create a coverage group for this item and set the positive days to 0. It won’t look for on hand inventory

We use a reject location to put stuff into so that it won’t show up on our reports.

you can use disposition code which in master planning fast tab you select for nettable field. so when you run master scheduling system ignore on hand for this batch number.

Or you can use inventory blocking to cover this problem, with select expected receipt.

I hope this helps.

Only if it is batch controlled of course.

But planning would still see it and not plan a replenishment

This would remove the entire item from the planning run which is not what was required.

Hi Adam Roue,

Thanks for your suggestion to create quarantine warehouse and set it as manual and stock will be ignored while master scheduling.

This suggestion help me to maintain non spec material and avoid it will be used production process while master scheduling.


Hi!! I’m trying to use disposition code for this same reason but I guess I’m missing something because master planning is still seeing this stock. Is there any tips I need to follow?

I created a disposition code as unavailable, uncheck everything. Actually I understand that what it really matters is the nettable check. I assign this code to the batch I have on hand and then run the explosion for a WO. No requirement is calculated as it takes into account the stock with DC unavailable.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!!!


Hi Julieta! Do you have stock of the same batch in some other location?

Hi Héctor. Thanks for your reply.

I think I did. Why?? I understand the master plan shouldn’t see it anyway… or how does it work?

Thanks again!!

For AX 2012, check both Storage dimensions and Tracking dimensions, how are they selected for warehouse, location and batch coverage plan by dimension, in AX 2009 check the same, it is located in Stock dimensions. They could affect the way you want master planning to work with those dimensions.


Hi Julie,

Have you unchecked nettable in batch disposition master form?