Hide and show lines in page

i have created two buttons 1.hideall 2. showall in sales quote page
when i click on hideall what ever description rows for item are present it should collapse and only item line should visible
same way when i click on show all rows should display.

can any one please guide me , how to implement code in action button so that rows can get collapse

Did you try anything? please let us know if you tried anything and we will suggest/help you in achieving your goal.
please don’t depend completely on forum code

Thanks for your reply , as am new to CAL code i dont understand how to make rows hide so
i just want some guidance like what functions we can use so that i can try my self.

then you need to under go NAV training.

in OnAction trigger, you can setfilter on Type field where it is not equal to blank (or only Item) to show non description lines