Hidden menu items - still enabled!

Although the system allows you to hide a menu button, then your use still has access to this function if you i.e. have assigned a ShortCutKey to the items in this menu. Even though it’s hidden. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

I don’t think this is an error. To disable a control use CurrForm.MyControl.ENABLED(SetEnabled) instead. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S

I agree with Erik, it’s a bug, if the control is HIDDEN you should not be allowed to lauch whatever process when the shortcutkey is pressed. Hidden means not visible, if it’s not visible on the form then all it’s properties and behaviors should also be hidden. I personaly class this as a bug (design flaw) and not a feature. And yes CurrForm.MyControl.ENABLED(SetEnabled) will do the trick :wink: tarek_demiati@ureach.com

Sorry guys, it’n not a bug. This is part of the help text for the ENABLED property: “For controls, use this property to determine whether a control can respond to user-generated events.” So, ENABLED determines if the control is active or not, whereas VISIBLE just determines whether it can be seen on not. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S

I would hate if this “bug” would be stripped from future versions. I am using this feature quite a lot to create “standard” shortcuts to functions what I don’t want to be accessible from menu buttons. (for example Ctrl-A (“Arvuta” = Calculate in Estonian) on invoice form to calculate total amount including VAT before posting the invoice)