Hidden game in Navision?

Hello, Somebody ever heard about a hidden game in Navision? [:D] Like pinball used to be in a older MS Word? A colleague of mine heard it somewhere…

I haven’t seen one in the basic Navision package, but an ex-colleague of mine at one of my old employers did write some and would plant them in the databases of clients he was working on. He would always put them outside the client’s object range - Usually 90000 onwards, so only another solution developer could play them. [:D]

That’s a pity… [:(] But I think most customers are glad that their personnel are working in Navision instead of playing games in Navision… [;)]

Lots of nifty Navision games available in the download area of Mibuso.com… Mastermind, Hangman, Sokoban, Freecell, Reversi/Othello, etc… http://www.mibuso.com/downloads.asp