Hidden Field

Hello Dears, In Dynamics Nav 2016, I set a Column Visible=false,The Column will be hidden in the list,but when I export the list to excel, it is visible in excel. How to solve this problem? Thanks in advance

Hello Oussama,

Are you talking about the Ctrl-E export, or a report based excel export?

Thanks Erik for reply,
About Ctrl-E export

The standard Excel Export always include all the available fields on the page, even if they are set as not visible (maybe the user have made the field visible themselves). The setting is only the “default” value.
So the only way to completely remove a field from a page is to remove it entirely from the object.

Ty Erik For Reply,
What if I want to hide a field base on user setup…“it works on page”…but when i export it will be visible on excel
what do you suggest?