Hidden Bitmaps

Hi, I think I saw somewhere that there are hidden Bitmap Nos. in Navision. The ones you can use on Bitmap properties - like Comment Icon, or Day/Week/Month/Quarter/Year Icons. Is it true? Are we not limited to 0-34 in Financials or 0-44 in Attain 3.60? I’m not sure about MBS 3.70. Thanks

In the Downloads section, there is supposed to be an on-line help file with all the bitmaps in fin.exe.

I get an error message: “Downloading is not enabled” Is this help file also available somewhere else?

Did you see the form 93000 - Internal Bitmap Display ? This form displays a lot of the bitmaps contained within Navision. I had this form on my Navision Development Class CD. The bitmaps for date filters are numbered 9 to 13 The bitmaps for the filters: 1261, 1265, 1269, 1273

Hi David, Thanks for the tip but I don’t have the Navision Development Class CD. Can you tell me one thing? On Report Designer, you have the 4 arrow buttons at the bottom to move the DataItems. Are these arrow pictures available in some strange Bitmap Nos.? [:D]

You mean bitmaps no. 1860…1863?

I don’t think there is any copyright on this form, so I put it temporarily on our FTP: ftp://adnm-grp.com/incoming/ The file name is ‘Form 93000 - Internal Bitmap Display.fob’ Maybe this form should be sent to mibuso, but I’m not the author so…

Hi Jan. Yes, these are the ones. Thanks, this will make a few forms a little more user-friendly. [;)] Hi David, Thanks for your effort but I can’t copy the file from the FTP. I get a permission error. Thanks again. [:)]

Oops! I’ll check that with our network admin… Anyway, if someone wants a copy of the form, just send me an email.

Thanks David, the e-mail is on its way [:D]


Originally posted by dgodbout
Oops! I’ll check that with our network admin… Anyway, if someone wants a copy of the form, just send me an email.

Would you please send a copy to me also? [:)] anna@sicosbt.it Anna

I whould like to receive a copy too, if possiblie. Thanks a lot andrea.giachino@siglainformatica.it

Does someone know the number for the Warning Bitmap used in the import worksheet by any chance?

It’s not included in this Form 93000 Internal Bitmap Display, so I can not answer you. But, does this mean there are even more hidden bitmaps?!

BTW: Thanks for the Form, David. I find myself not watching so many DVD’s since I have it. Ah, the joy of looking at the beautiful hidden bitmaps… [:D][:D][:D]

try 2301 there are always some yet unexplored corners in the matrix… :slight_smile:

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