Hidden Bitmaps

Hi all, Did you know that there are 243 bitmaps available in Navision? Greetings, Reijer. Download Hidden Bitmaps

No easter eggs…

Maybe an Easter Egg but also an opportunity for us, developers, to make better software! I admit that most of the pictures are useless or affects the GUI but some of them can come handy. E.g. when you want to indent or sort lines in a form, the arrows can be very user-friendly. And the printer or lock-bitmap… And if not, I love Easter-Eggs. Reijer.

One of my clients would like the comments button (bitmap 6) to be yellow. Do you know if there is a way to change how the internal bitmaps look? Or can I use one of my own instead? How do I get my own bitmap into the database to have access to it from a form? Thanks for your help and the object. Lori

Hi Lori, It is not possible to change the internal pictures, but there are other ways to set the button to yellow. If your picture is transparent, the easiest way to do it is setting the BackTransparent property to No and the BackColor to 65535. But picture 6 is not transparent so this trick will not work. To get your own bitmap in the database you can place it in a blob-field in a table but then it is pretty complicated to get your picture work like the standard comment picture. The best way to do it is to replace the BitmapList property from 7,6 to 7,C:\YourBitmap.bmp. You do not have to worry that the picture has to be available at all the workstations because Navision saves it somewhere to the database when you save your form. Success and regards, Reijer

Your link doesn’t seem to be working any chance you can mail it to me? jpjesus@ibdosportugal.com Thanks in advance

oops, I missed this topic when I was searching on the subject. I will post here the link to the thread I started, hoping it will be helpful for someone in the future: http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8620