Hi ...

Hi NAV Developer, I’m a new member in this forum and developer. Now i learn NAV myself. So sometime i have a problem please help/sugg to me. I saw many forum but this forum is perfect and best forum. Thank to all your best time help to me/other. Best Regards, Yukon

Hi Yukon,

Welkome to the user group. Even though you’re not quite new, then we always love to see you introduction. But we would also love to know what you’re working with today, since you’re now learning NAV on your own. What’s your back ground?

Welcome aboard. They’ve saved me many times.


Yukon, please feel welcome here at DUG.

We will try to help you as much as we can, but we also ask you to do us a favor.

Please mark the solutions which helped you to solve your problem by clicking the “Verify Solution” button in the post which helped you.

(Of course just in those where the button is available - so not in this thread but as an example the one with the data validation in an import - answered by Erik)

Hi All, Erik P. Ernst, My last job is Programmer. I’m 10yrs. Now I learn NAV myself and working at NAV Devlopement company. Thomas Brodkorb, I accept your note. Sometime i forget to click “Verify Solution”. Please don’t mind it. Best Regards,