Hi! Usage Data


Here im using AX9.0 and there are more than 300 AX users

So most of the time AX is slow so have to delete usagedata of particular users every time.

Is there any functionality or Technical solution that in the table it should not write the Data in the Table SysLastValue or is there any other way to make the performance AX much faster.

Please help me

Please reply ASAP

Create a job that deletes the usage data and then schedule it in batch as regurarly as you need to.

I would investigate using SQL tools the cause of the down in performance.


It is unusual that you should have to clean SysLastValue table so often. The issue is most likely somewhere else.

Please can you provide more details on the issue that you are facing?

Hi Harish,

For some users invoicing and packing slip takes time for some users so deleted Usage data of that user so now for them its working ok.

Is there any way so that i can avoide the writting of data in syslastvalue table but i dont know with this AX performance will increase or not.

If you have some idea to invrease the performance through some other means than please share it. AX is slow while doing packing slip or invoicing or anyother transfer process.As users are scartered all over india its diffcult to find oput the exact reason

Please put your valuable comments

Hi Fabricio,

Have created the Job which can delete the usage data for all users but i dont know how to put it in shedulers.

Is there anyother way to increase the performance of AX9.0.

For this you need to create a class that extends from RunBaseBatch, implement the required methods so it can run in batch. On the run method you should put the logic you use to delete the usage data.

Finally you should configure Ax to use a batch server for processing your batch jobs, run the created class, set the Recurrency you want and that’s it.

You can use the Tutorial_RunbaseBatch class as an example. Hope this helps you.

I highly recommend against this! Deleting all usage data for every user merely addresses the symptom and not the root cause of the issue. It greatly detracts from the user experience in AX. Usage data stores users’ auto-reports, MorphX form settings, previously used queries, previously entered field values, and many more. I suggest you debug and try and find the true issue, or if you’re not able to, contact your partner or open a ticket with Microsoft. At WORST case, delete the usage data ONLY for the object you are having an issue with…not ALL usage data.

I agree with Alex comments.

But after deleting the Data usage for a particular user his performance increases.

If you have any other way to increase the performance than please share your comments

You can try reindexing the database weekly or biweekly and automatic shutdown for a idle user after a period of time.