Hi....Please clarify

But I am asking that, In which form we write (Args _args), to sender’s form or receiver form. For example, I have two methods…namely A & B…

I am sending some information from A to B…Should I write, int A (Args _args) & int B(Args _args)…??? or should I write, int A() & int B(Args _args)…??? Means should we write (Args _args) in sender’s side alongwith receiver’s side or only in receiver’s side ??? Please clarify this doubt.

Hi, first off all, please think a bit more about subjects of your threads. “Hi…Please clarify” or “Kindly clarify one doubt” are not very descriptive titles.

Args class is a generalized way for passing parameters (see more detailed answer in your other thread). If you’re writing your own method (except main()), you shouldn’t normally use Args - for example, instead of passing an object through Args.parmObject(), allow the method to accept the object directly (e.g. int B(Query _query))… You’ll get cleaner code and compiler will be able to detect if an incompatible object is passed to the method.

In your example, you obviously need to pass parameters to B only. A may accept some parameters, but that’s irrelevant for your particular case, so you don’t have to care about A’s parameters.

Understanding how method work is essential for any kind of programming - you should look for a book that describes such things.