Hi Guys Please Suggest Me???

Hi Guys !!

I am Ullas Kumar from Bangalore. I am B.Tech 2011 (CSE) Passed out.

I am thinking to join a “Microsoft Dynamics AX - 2009” course.

Please suggest me About MS Dynamics, Is this Help full for fresher?

Can I get job as fresher on MS Dynamics?

Is this a completely programing tool or what ?

If it is a programing lang Which lang?

Which one is good MS Dynamics 2009 or MS Dynamics 2012??

I hope you guys will reply??

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Ullas,

First of all Welcome to AX and believe me you are going in a very true and colorful direction. And this field has vast opportunities for both freshers & experience. As you will learn more and more about AX you fill find it more & more interesting.

Also It is very vast platform,so might in starting you willfind some difficulties but there are many manuals which will help you to explore much about AX.

AX is a ERP which make use of X++ language(it is some what same as Java and C++ and uses OOPs concepts).

Ax is full of customizations of forms and reports and also you will have to do coding in X++ for Many of the customisations.

As a begineer youshould start with MS AX2009 and after that you can bring your hands on 2012 also.

Once again all the best and hope you will found AX interesting.

Hi Ullas,

u 2011 passout…after completion b.tech r u learn any lang means like java,dotnet,C++…if u r learn any lang it is easy to understand AX…otherwise if u want to comedirectly u face some difficulties…u must have some basic knowledge…

if u face any interview also they asking basics…so my sugation is first learn any one lang backend sqlserver also will covered…

all the best for u r bright future…

Hi Ullas,

MicrosofT Dynamics AX 2009 is easy to understand and now this is demand to our industry…

You get the good choice

Good Luck!!!


Thanks Guys !!! Especially Darshan, Suresh & Ariston Javier. Thanku for your reply & encouragement.

From next week onwards I’m going to join the course.

One more thing its completely Programming or partial programing??

Hi Ullas

Do you want to go Techinical side or Functional side or Technofunctional ? Even you can select for Testing side as SQA-software quality assurance.

If you want to go Technical side you need to learn basics like java, C++, .Net, SQL Server etc.

If you want to go Functional side you need to learn functionalities in different modules like AP, AR, Bank, GL, Inventory, Production, Projects etc for that little bit accounts background is needed.

My sugession is that dont go for any company who tell they will teach all AX courses, they may take one or two weeks classes thats it, you cant learn anything in those classes. dont spend much amount on that.

Better to keep in touch with your AX user friends whio ever having AX applications at their home and learn basic AX things and join for some Company and you can and you will learn day by day many things in AX.

Thank You Mr Anthony for your suggestions.

I am from B.tech So I decided to go for Technical ie “Microsoft Dynamics AX”

I am having knowledge on Java, SQL, little bit of .Net technologies??

So I am thinking to join in an institute from Mon onwards…

How about job opportunities for freshers in this field?

Do not mind again I am asking “How about job opportunities for freshers in this field?”

Only in few small companies will offer jobs for freshers for less salary, you have to get 1 or 2 years exp to get into good or big companies.