Hi Everybody. Anyone help me to know the answers

Hi. Please help me to know the correct answer for the beloWquestions. 1. When use the No. Series for a new Sales Order, What information do you need to retrieve from the No. Series Line table. A. Last No. Used B. Ending No C. Line No D. Series Code 2. You are making a data conversion from legacy system to new one using Dataport, but something occur as description field contain 80 char and the new Description field can take 50 char only. You told the customer abotu this, the customer told, its fine with first 50 char. What is the way to do this data conversion. A. Change the new description field properties to take 80 char. B. Write code in the table troggers to read the first 50 char C. Dataport will handle this situations, you dont need to do anything D. You need to write a code in dataport to handle this situation E. Put the data in variable and then write code to read the first 50 char. 3. Navision Customer want to sent Welcome letter using mailmerge. What should be used. A. Mail merge using NODBC B. Automation from MS Word to Navision C. Automation from Navision to MS Word D. Mail Merge using C/FRONT 4. When create card form using for wizard, what code is added automatically A. OnAfterGetRecord(), SetRange(“No.”); B. OnNextRecord(); C. OnDeleteRecord(); D. OnAfterGetRecord(), Validate(“No.”); 5. How do a call a report to run batch A. Report.RUN B. Report.RUN(Record) C. Report.RUNMODAL(Record) D. Report.RUN(tmpRecord) 6.Look the following code in a post batch routine LOCKTABLE; SETRANGE(“Journal Template Name”,‘GENERAL’); SETRANGE(“Journal Batch Name”,‘IMPORT’); IF FIND(’+’) THEN NextLineNo := “Line No.” + 10000 ELSE NExtLineNo := 10000; IF you post a journal of 20 lines. How many times the line “NextLineNo := “Line No.” + 10000” will be executed. A. 1 B. 20 C. 40 D. 100 7. In the dataport field designer the list of source expressions should be what order? A. same order as the information in the file. B. same order as the fields in the table C. alphabetical order D. Ordered by data type. 8. Which of the following is true regarding NODBC and multi-language capability. A. NODBC is not multi-language enabled. B. Only the table name is multi-language enabled. C. Table name, Field name, Optionstring values are multi-language enabled. D. Only the Data is multi-language enabled. 9. Bothe GET and FIND are C/AL functions used to retrieve record from the table in the database. What key can be used in this process. A. GET can use any key, while FIND use only Primary key. B. FIND can use any key, while GET use only Primary key. C. Both use primary key. D. Both can use any key. 10. In a report with request form what is trigger that fire before? A. OnPreReport B. OnInitReport C. OnOpenForm D. OnPreDataItem 11. Import Dataport. From the first record you can extract all data that you need, following data too (for these you don’t care about them). What do you do to skip all records except the first one? A. currentReport.skip (in onbeforeimportrecord) B. currentReport.skip (in onafterimportrecord) C. init (in onbeforeimportrecord) D. init (in onafterimportecord) 12. Look the below code. Customer.SETCURRENTKEY(“No.”); Customer.SETRANGE(“Sales”,0); IF Customer.FIND(’-’) THEN BEGIN {code} END Customer.SETCURRENTKEY(“Sales”); Customer.SETRANGE(“Sales”,0); IF Customer.FIND(’-’) THEN BEGIN {code} END Customer.SETCURRENTKEY(“Sales”); Customer.SETFILTER(“Sales”,‘0’); IF Customer.FIND(’-’) THEN BEGIN {code} END Which is the code faster? A. The first one B. The second one (choose) C. The third one D. All three codes go at same way 13. You need to open form to get information from the input of the user. What code to be used. A. FOMR.RUN(FormID) B. Create variable type form and code : VAR.RUN C. Create variable type form and code : VAR.RUNMODAL D. FORM.RUNMODAL(FormID) 14. In a dataport you have to test the data before import them. Where do you want to place your code? A. OnBeforeImport B. OnAfterGetRecord C. OnAfterImportRecord D. OnBeforeEvaluate 15. How to implement Optimistic concurrency. A. Set a maximum of filters. The server will lock the table (implicit) during update. B. Set a maximum of filters and explicitly call the LOCKTABLE. C. Lock table when you read and you are sure that after you will do an update. 16. You are designing a report that is going to be run while other users are inserting records into the same transaction tables, using version based navision server. What do you need to do the report to make sure that the data reported will be consistent snapshot of the data those transactions. A. You dont need to do anything. B. You will need to set the transaction type property to Snapshot C. You will need to set the transaction type property to Browse. D. There is nothing you can do. User will just have to tell all the others. Thanks & Regards Nasheer.

I’ll give it a try… 1) A 2) D and E are possible 3) A or C 4) A 5) A 6) A (at least in the code there is no REPEAT…) 7) A 8) ? 9) B 10) B 11) A (but it should be CurrDataport.SKIP!!!) 12) C (SETFILTER should be faster than SETRANGE, as internally Navision translates a SETRANGE into a SETFILTER - though there is a rub: Sales is supposed to be a flowfield, but you cannot define keys on flowfields… so code 2 and 3 in fact are not possible) 13) C or D 14) A 15) A 16) A Any input or correction welcome [;)] Saludos Nils

Hi Nils, Shouldn’t the answer to question 1. be A & D? -Mike