Help with some functions on Employee Portal


I already manage to make Cards, Lists, Etc.

My question is if is possible to make a Customer Card, for eg where you have buttons (Next, Previous, Last, First and List) like we have in NAV. (prolly is possible, I would like to know if there is a easy way…)

I already saw that there are buttons like new line and so that are configurable were you configure tabs and so. But I didnt saw for that…

Also the documentation about this matter is difficult to find.

Some ideas about navigation in different records on a Card type?

I think isn’t possible to change that option. It’s supposed to have a customer list and in list select card. Employee Portal in my opinion isn’t on of the best thing. It’s more a cheaper way of access Navision …

For doc. check in

Thanks, I will try that.

Now my next challenge is to see how I can use data that is generated in the forms and isn’t saved in a table.

I think I will create a “temporary” table to handle this values, so I can create a card that can show them. I dont see a better option…

Employee portal it’s a challenging product ….

Be careful in EP and depending in validation triggers.