Help with RTC permissions.

I understand permissions in NAV, but get a little confused when it comes to RTC.


I have given a person the S&R Roles. But they also need access to the COA, so I have given here that role too.

Now in RTC, I have given her the ‘Sales Order’ RTC role. Now when she goes into RTC, do her permissions she has allready apply ? do I have to give her all new ‘Role Tailored’ permissions ?

She also needs access to the COA, so she will click on Departments, go to FM > Chart of Accounts. This is fine. But from the Department, Can she click on ‘Purchasing’ ? Will it give her a permission error if she does ?

It looks as though you may be getting confused between the roles in the RTC such as Accounting Manager or Sales Order Processor and the security roles such as SUPER or P&P-SETUP. The security permissions in classic and RTC work the same, but there are some additional permissions to certain tables needed for the RTC to work (can’t remember off hand what these tables are). There are also some security roles that have the necessary permissions for users that belong to an RTC profile like Order Processor. There is a white paper on RTC security available on PartnerSource and there are some XML files that can be imported that you should find in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Classic\Company Settings\ path. These include all of the table permissions needed for the users in a given RTC Profile (such as ACCOUNTING MANAGER). I tried to find the whitepaper on Partner Source but instead I found this A whole site dedicated to how to setup security on NAV including a section for NAV 2009. You should find everything you need there. Cheers, Dave.