help with ODBC connect

Hello, i have trouble with ODBC connect. I am working with Navision Financials 2.60 on MS SQL Server 2000. If creating an ODBC connect with C/ODBC system send error message : S0000[Navison Software a/s][navision Financials ODBC Driver]The TCP/IP connection´s ‘host’ is not answering (TCP/IP error ECONNREFUSED).You can see show to make changes in your ‘hosts’ and ‘services’ files in the documentation for the network. I have the server name in hosts and in Active Directory. Help me please !!!

If you are running on SQL Server, you don’t need C/ODBC. Just use standard MS SQL Server ODBC drivers. C/ODBC is used to connect to a Native Navision database using ODBC.

Hi Tom, thank you for your answer, it´s problem with standard MS SQL Server ODBC driver because were have Slovak version of NF and in user tables have long names of fields. It´s more dot´s in names and standard ODBC driver work not.

The C/ODBC driver CANNOT connect to a SQL Server - it’s impossible. It is a driver only for Navision Server, which is why you’re getting this error. If you want to use ODBC to access your SQL Server data you have no option but the SQL Server ODBC driver. Regarding the ‘.’ and other special characters causing many problems with connectivity, versions 3.10 and later of Attain/Navision allow you to remove the characters to solve these problems. But this is not possible in Financials 2.60.