Help with new system


We are going to impliment NAV into our business and need to find someone to help us on a freelance basis. We are based in London.

Does anyone know where I could find such a person or possibly place an advert?

Please feel free to PM me.

Thanks for your help.


Are you looking for someone to assist with the full implementation? What locations are you implementing in? Are you looking for someone in the London area ot do this work?

We are looking for full implimentation and customisation. We have offices on Watford, Bristol and Manchester. Although the person will need to come on site now and then I would expect them to be home working.


So you want a freelancer to manage the project, do a systems analysis, do a gap analysis, train on the system and develop any necessary modifications?

Is there anything wrong with the partner, or is the freelancer to manage and liaise with the partner?

Timescales and What you expect to pay them would help, but I appreciate not wanting to disclose the pay, just wondered if you were in the ballpark of the UK market.

There are a few people I will make aware of this post, but if you could add to it, it may make a difference between them contacting you or not.

Hi Mike,

Yes I know where you can find such a person, you’re very welcome to contact me directly. I’m not available right now my self, but I can sure help you find the right person.

Otherwise it’s possible to post such an advert here on this site in the “Jobs Offered” - you have to be a sponsor (costs you 15 EUR for a month - but that’s a small price for the right person!).

Hi Adam

We are considering partners but want to explore working with an individual on a long term basis. Our project will need a lot of customisation and will grow organically. I am looking for a freelancer who is able to customer the system and help us will implementation. We do have IT staff here who will sort out the infrastructure and training. The ongoing support will also be critical.

As far as pay goes all I can say is that we are realistic.



Hi Ernst

Thanks for your reply. It is a good idea for me to sponsor the site and put up an advert so I will organise that.

I will PM you.