Help with Microsoft Navision 5.0 System Architecture


Please excuse my ignorance of this application! Our company has the worst project manager you could ever imagine!!

Im a SQL DBA and I have been given this software to urgently install for our finance department in the middle east with no time for planning and any form of preparation. We have 10 users who will be usinf this application. We have been given no documentation and our vendor speaks very little english and we have had problems getting information out of them. The only way I have managed to get this app installed is through the help of reading through this forum.

Our plan is to Install Microsoft Dynamics NAV on a Windows 2K Citrix 4.5 server linking through to a SQL 2005 cluster. So far I have managed to install the V5 app on the citrix server and publish the finsql.exe (build 24199). On the SQL server I have copied over the xp_ndo.dll (dated 28th Feb 2007) and setup the two extended stored procedures. When I attepted to log in to the database via windows authentication I had a error regarding Trace Flag 4616 which from what I understand, loosens the security of the server when this is enabled. Connecting via sql authentication gets around this. Can windows authentication be used without opening up this trace flag?

The database is currently empty and just has a few tables which the app has created. I have been told that im going to be reciving some data in the next couple of days to import into the database. Is this a straightforward process? Can I just use the SQL management console to import or do I need to do use any special application to do this?

All we have is a grey screen and I can see im successfully connected to the database where I can create a new company but im assuming that once I receive the data to import, this will give the app something to work with.

We also do not understand the use of the application server, we are assuming that this is a FAT Client app which just connects directly to the database. Can someone please explain what the role of the application server is and when it would be used?

Again my appologies for my cry for help but all we have are some marketing white papers regarding the product. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Trace Flag 4616 is required - NAV checks its existance and refuses to run without it. Otherwise NAV licensing system goes nuts and unlimited number of users can login simultaneosly :slight_smile:

When you recieve “the data” it should be full backup of NAV DB, including Objects, not only User Data. This you will then restore into your newly created database thru NAV client (Tools / Restore…) Upon restoring, you will then have a functional installation.

Thats for your reply Modris, if we have to have it enabled then we may need to think more about where the DB sits.

Can someone please explain about the application server and its role?

Many thanks

NAS it’s a Navision client but without interface. It’s very useful to automate some tasks. And since it runs has a services you restart server without having it run application again. For exna0ple you could run batches jibs at night using NAS. There are other application such other granules such has radio frequency. When importing data to Navision you should avoid or better don’t use SQL Server Manager. Many fields have in Navision has triggers similar to SQL triggers than process many business logic. But these triggers only ran you are using a Navision client to import it.