Help with Hiding the tab


I have an extension where in the Customers page, I want to hide the “Navigate” tab from a specific user and show it to other user. Is there a way to accomplish this? Please help.

Can somebody please help with the code.

Thanks in advance!


Code for below steps:

1.Create a field in User Setup let’s say a boolean TabVisible.

  1. Create a boolean variable pageTabVisible which will be set on the Visible property for the FastTab

  2. When the page opens set the boolean true or false depending upon a the user id and user setup


This requirement doesn’t require any extensions or development , you could try with profile customization, create different user profiles, custmize profiles and assign based on the requirements



I am doing with profile customization as well.The problem with that is for example I can hide the unit price field from sales order page but ir can be accessed from any other page.I was wondering if there is way we can hide the unit price field itself so that it cant be accessed from anywhere.



You cannot hide one field from all pages , user permissions are based on table level not field level , you may use some tools (Prism or object manager) find where used and create one extension to hide field from all pages

I am using prism ,I am having hard time loading the objects in there.Can ypu please help?