Help with Developers Toolkit 1.02

I’m trying to update objects in the Navision Developers Toolkit by going under File>Update>From Navision Client. But even though I have the Navision 3.60A client open, the “Select Navision Client” window shows “No Navision Clients available or accessible”. What am I doing wrong? I have the database with 3.60 A Base objects open in the Navision client. I want to update by importing a few objects from this client into the Developers toolkit. Can someone please point out the error? Thanks

Have you installed C/Front? I beleive that you need this to run the “From Navision Client” option. You don’t need it to import text files.

hi have u got Developer’s toolkit 1.03. i got the similar problem with 1.02. Use 1.03 version. WR Hari


Originally posted by chrisk
Have you installed C/Front?

Are you sure C/FRONT is needed. I think it can do everything without it?!

Hi, I am using 1.03 and it works fine. You have to open a company in your Navision session to make it work. However, one of my collegues can’t get it working on her PC. We already spent some time finding out why it works on my PC and why it doesn’t on hers, but until now, we didn’t find anything. Glad to hear that others are facing the same problem [;)] greetings, Francis