Help with configuration

Hello all, I have a problem I am hoping that you all can help with. I recently bought an HP Proliant DL385 it has: Dual AMD Opteron 2.6 processors 4 GB of Memory, 2 GB for each processor SCSI Duplexing kit 2 ea 34.6 GB Ultra 320 SCSI 15k RPM Drives mirror as RAID 1 (Drive C) 2 ea 146 GB Ultra 320 SCSI 15k RPM Drives mirror as RAID 1 (Drive D) 2 ea 146 GB Ultra 320 SCSI 15k RPM Drives mirror as RAID 1 (Drive E) Battery backedup cache enabler making the array cache 128MB and it is set to 50% read cache / 50% write cache Dual redendant hot swappable power supplies redundant fan kit (All fans possible) DVD ROM drive Floppy drive Windows Server 2003 Standard Navision 3.7 Terminal services enabled Here’s what I know: I installed all the above and have it cranking. tester shows me as having 150MB per second transfer rating. Drives are fast. I install Navision 3.7 server and backed up the old data from my old server: Dell PowerEdge 1400SC with: Single PIV 1.6 512MB RAM Single 74 GB Ultra 160 SCSI drive with slow spindle RPM speed redundant NOTHING Windows NT Server 4 w/service pack 6 Navision 2.60b database is 57 GB 17 users Built 2 20GB databases, one on D: the other on E: (This is what my VAR says to do to make it scream). Restored the data and watched it take 12 hours to build the keys. Afterwards I tested and it was actually slower than the old Poweregde 1.6 system. I freaked. Then after much playing with cache size, at the VAR’s suggestion, I dump it all and reuild it with the 4 146GB drives as a RAID 5 array. re-install,restore,rebuild. same thing. sloooooow. Okay now I take the raid 5 array apart and make it a single 146GB drive, no raid, and the other 3-146GB drives as a raid 5 array. test on the single drive and while it is faster, still not as fast as on the old poweredge. I guess at this point I should say it is faster on reads. Like printing a report and the such, it is slow as all hell on posting, and posting is what kills us now with the old server. You’d think going to 15,000 rpm Ultra 320 SCSI hard drives would be faster??? If anyone has any ideas I am open to them. I was supposed to go live with it tomorrow but at this point it is not an option. What a waste of $10,500 bucks Bill

If you are on a Navision database server (not SQL server), you just wasted the money on multiple processors, because the Navision database server just doesn’t know how to use more than one processor. I don’t know how that translates technically, but it only uses one processor. Another problem is your RAID 5 setup. Again, I don’t know the technical details, but I’ve read about Navision database corrupting as a result of RAID 5. Microsoft recommends RAID 1+0 for Navision, and from what I understand RAID 5 is not a good idea for write intensive database applications anyway. Another problem is that the Navision database server only knows how to use a maximum of 1GB of RAM, so having 4 GB per processor out there is mostly unused. I have to say I am not a network/server specialist, but these are some issues that I know about. If you want to take advantage of multiple processors and higher amounts of RAM, you should consider going to SQL Server, and using the other RAID. There are some trade-offs in performance, but a 60GB database with just 17 users should not cause any performance issues, unless you are using unusually high numbers of dimensions, or have unusually high numbers of transactions, or unusually large transactions (like 1000’s of lines on your sales orders).

[V] here we go again. OK Step one, use the search button on the site, use keywords RAID and performance and server. You will find everything you need to know. In terms of the machine, I see nothing that really shows it as being a fast Navision server. In fact I can not comprehend why you changed servers, why not just add ram and hard rives to the existing server. (I do hope your NSC does not make money selling hardware [:(!] ). Basically for a database of theis size, you need a lot of drives, TWO is just not enough. Next return the second processor, adn exchange it for more Harddisks, next return the useless memory you have, (you only need 1 Meg) and get more dirves with that money. Disable terminla services. If you do need termnial services, then use this new box as the terminal server, and put more drives on the onld Dell, and use it. And as for the NSC, they should not allowed you to even think of building a machine like this for Navision. [:(!]