[Help Wanted] -Training Materials for Developers Needed

I’ve got to train a bunch of programmers to Dynamics NAV (Navision), I’ve got 10 years of solid experience in programming Dynamics NAV so I’m fairly confident that I could do a good job training these guys and getting them up to speed, however I used to have a couple of training materials which were done by Navision A/S then MBS, I was unable to retrieve that on my dusty external hard drive, so if anyone is able to retrieve any training material geared towards training Dynamics NAV developers then please e-mail them at this address : tarek.demiati@gmail.com You will save me of valuable time, since the last thing I want to do is redesiging a training material.

Did you tried to get them from Partnersource, I guess They shared a lots & lots of training materials, Also I recommend to use e-Learining tool available in PartnerSource