Help wanted to show financial dimension values with 'Read-only' role

Hello everyone,

I am configuring a “Read-Only” role to get access to

-1- Accounts Payable Payment Journal;

-2- Account Payable Invoice Journal;

-3- Accounts Receivable Payment Journal;

And we want to let the user to see the [LedgerJournalTransDimension] form with the financial dimension values showing on the form. I configured the related securities and duties, assigned to the related role, and log in as that role to see the effect. However, the [LedgerJournalTransDimension] form can be clicked out, but the financial dimension values (default dimensions) are not shown.

It’s now like this demo shows:…/mbZvhnqNt

But it should behave like this:…/gYTQkDgqbC

I am wondering if there is anything I have to configure on the table level(?) for the “Read-Only” role, so that it can get access?

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you.


I figured it out by myself, "New privilege – Permissions — Forms " node has to be with the right form [LedgerJournalTransDimension] with correct Group [DimensionGroup] configured, so that the dimension values can be shown.