Help wanted to handle invoice data for SSRS report

Hello everyone,

I am doing a SSRS report, and here is the data from the Query:

Data from the Query
invoice date item name item price show_item_policy
7/12/2011 name1 11 TRUE
7/12/2011 name2 22 FALSE
7/12/2011 name3 33 TRUE

And I have the sample SSRS report layout like this:

SSRS report
invoice header
invoice date 7/12/2011
invoice table for items
item name item price
name1 11
name2 22
name3 33
invoice footer
show_item_policy show? Not show?

So, basically, there are

-1- invoice header (has only 1 field of invoice date, say this field is from custInvoiceJour)

-2- Invoice table for items(has item name and item price fields, say from custInvoiceTrans), and I am using a table to list out the data on report

-3- invoice foooter, which only contains 1 textbox, say also from custInvoiceTrans, but as for item1 and item3, the value is true, But for item2, the value is False.

The requirement is saying that if any item has ‘show_item_policy’ as false, then show “XXX(certain words)” on the text box in the invoice footer. So, I am wondering what can be done about this invoice footer now…

Any advice is appreciated, thank you~


It might be a config in the SSRS report itself? But I am not sure, hope someone has experience here. Thank you,

Hi Kwen,

If you haven’t done so, please take a look at RDP based SSRS reports. RDP classes have quite a few business logic built in them.

Hi Harish,

Actually, I have done 2 middle scale SSRS reports using the Data Provider mechanism, but still a little confused here.

Thank you,


Actually, the question can be put in this way, I have a Temporary table to contain the data like this, which contains 3 lines like:

ItemName ifShowBool

line 1 item1 true

line 2 item2 false

line 3 item3 true

But there is only a single textBox on the report, we want to let this taxBox show. Right now, line 2 is false, but line1 and line3 are with values of True,

In SSRS report, how should I write the the Expression? Or, I should do something in the X++ code side?

Thank you,


Hi Kwen,

You can write a simple if statement in X++ itself on the class where the temporary tables are populated.

Is this textbox a bound control? What should be shown if it is true and false?


Yes, Harish, I did the logic in X++ class, and now it’s working, thank you for the reply~