Help trying to link table 5108 Sales Line to table 5107 Sales Header

I am trying to link the table 5108 Sales Line Archive to table 5107 Sales Header Archive.

When I run both tables they show “Doc. No. Occurence” and “Version No.” which is required under the keys of the table 5108.

Under the table design neither field is in there even though they show when the table is run.

In order to do my GET I need to know the values of these 2 fields that show up under run but aren’t really there to link the 2 tables together.

Very frustrating…

Thanks in advance,


In both table 5107 and 5108:

5047 Version No. Integer
5048 Doc. No. Occurrence Integer

My mistake,

Thanks Daniel…

Their way down on the list. When I run the table their the third and fourth field…

I wasn’t even looking further down.


Don’t worry about it Greg, been there, done that [:$]. When you run the table it displays the primary first. In the table designer that’s not always the case. It would be nice to have some sort of icon to signify when fields are part of the PK.

I’ll know better next time… I always thought they displayed the same way they were in the table.

Thanks again…