help to clasefieing propect through telemarketing activities

Hi all, My names is Suhaib I am new in presale activity for Nav i would like to know I could classified prospect ,if there major question should I have to ask it , or if there especial requirement should I do and ask it through Telemarketing process, what is the most issue that prospect is considering as first & most important than any thing else And indeed help his\her organization to be better plz I need your advise as it meaning to me a new career Again thanks your help in advance Best of luck to all in your life Suhaib

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Firstly welcome to The Dynamics User Group. [<:o)]

In terms of pre-sales, there are lots of first up questions, but lets start:

  • “Why are you changing you ERP system?” when you know WHY they are changing, its helps in the process of determining if Dynamics NAV is the right product for them.

  • “What are the top 5 things you love about your current product?” You want to make sure its not something that you know is a problem for Navision.

  • “What are the 5 things you want to change about your current system?” You want to make sure that these are features existing in Navision, or one that you have already implemented, and can show a reference customer that will back this up.

If the customer answers "we are a Linux house, and only want software that runs on Linux, then Maybe Navision is not the product to offer them. If they are upset about the rigidity of their current system, and need more flexibility, then Navision gets a tick.

One other thing, LEARN NAVISION, at least install it, and play with it, learn how to at least create customers and Items and post orders. There is nothing worse that a telemarketing call from someone that has no idea about the product they are selling.

hope this gets you started, and I hope we will get more to add to the list.