Help: SQL Server goes crazy!

You might have noticed it. But the last 2 hours something has been wrong here! The website has slowed down! Not a little but a lot!

On the server I can see that my SQL Server (sqlserv.exe) suddenly is using almost 100% of my CPU.

What can I do to check exactly what’s wrong? I’ve tried to reboot a few times but it’s just the same when it comes back again.

The activity monitor with SQL doesn’t give me much information.

For me its approx 4 hours when page loads 2-3 minutes, I decided Latvian GIX was experiencing foreign traffic problems, but ping = 120ms, that is OK

Erik, what exactly you changed - that started as soon as you redesigned the look & feel of site. Maybe SQL overload is caused by some of the changes? I don’t know CS etc, its my guess only.

Well, now its OK again - but only 10 mins ago it was still sloooow

Yes I see it too. Just rebooted once again.

Nothing has changed on the the server. That I know of! But you know how that is!

use admin tool to monitor to check, also use SQL profile to have a look at the transactions