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When we first purchased NF about four years ago, we were told that, as a rule, Navision will run better with a large number of smaller disk drives than on one or two large drives. I can understand this, based on reads/writes per disk. Also, we were told that multi-processor systems seem to run slower than single processor models. I didn’t understand this, but several users backed this up with benchmarked tests. We are now looking to upgrade our system - the processing speed is just too slow. Currently, we run an older RS/6000 580H system, using 512mb of RAM on a single 56mhz processor with an IBM SSA disk subsystem (currently 12 drives). The database is 8gb and growing, and we support 90 users (around 70 most of the time). Can someone explain to me the reasoning behind the single processor theory (if it still exists) and offer any suggestions as to what we might do to increase performance. Thanks very much! Kenny

It’s actually quite simple. The TASK that the server do is not really scalable. For example, first set a filter, then find a record, then modify the record and ind the end save the record. This task is not really suitable for splitting between processors. This is because the sequence of the subtasks in the above example is critical (it makes no sense to do them in parallel). Maybe a simplistic way to explain the problem, but that’s the way I got it explained some time ago. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S

Thanks for the input, Lars. You are correct, that is pretty simple - but makes sense! Kenny