Help -- security/role change now prevents login, getting an error "A 'S' was expected here

I was applying some role additions to a user but now I cannot log in. A message box pops up when logging in and trying to open the database stating “A ‘S’ was expected here”. Please help!

Which security system do you use - Database or Windows Integrated?

If Database - try to log in with username, that has SUPER role and chech what you have set up wrong for the user in question.

If Integrated, and you yourself do not have SUPER rights - then you must ask someone who has to help you out.

Worst case would be, if you happened to leave your database with no users having SUPER - theoretically it is possible to do so, and then your’e in BIG trouble. Depending on other possible users and their rights you may work out (someone has role SECURITY and he CAN log in), otherwise only a backup with previous security settings can help you, of course, causing loss of data entered after backup was made.

Thanks for the reply. We use Windows login. The user I was trying to set up had SUPER defined for a few companies, but she cannot log into the database at all in any of these companies. My personal login also has SUPER on all companies, but I cannot log in at all either. It appears that all users are affected. There is one guy who was in before I made the change that had SUPER assigned; we checked in his session that SUPER is there for a few other users but it won’t synchronize the login.

Hello Louis, Hello Modris,

I have some instructions in case of BIG emergency from my “manual”.

It says that in case the “SUPER” user’s password has been forgotten, Navision offers a procedure to restore these administration permissions. In the login mask 10 question marks (???) have to be entered. Pressing two times ENTER/RETURN afterwards another window is opening showing an eight-digit code. Using this code a Microsoft Business Solution Partner will give out a new valid password to get back the administrator’s access (fee to be paid).

I tried to check this, but the only thing i get from NAV is something else, probably the reason is my NAV installation (CRONUS). This is probably applicable on the normal/production systems with a normal license???

Maybe this is not your case, but it is good to know that some solution is in place for emergency situations. Louis don’t try this on your NAV before you get confirmation from Modris or from your MS Business Partner!!!

Modris, is it applicable for the regular NAV systems and do you know something about it?



This information is outdated - it was applicable to Native database ONLY, and even then it was many years (and Nav versions) ago. So forgetting SUPER has the worst consequences.


if you say there are problems with synchronization, seems you use SQL server - lets wait while our SQL guru Joerg shows up, maybe he will advice you something, for SQL there are some options, but I’m not competent enought to answer you.

Hello Louis, hello Modris,

Thank you very much for this tip. It is good to know that something is wrong with my “manual”! :slight_smile:

Tnx again!

Thanks for the tips and concern everyone. I am still trying to solve the issues so I will be in touch if I find anything – in the meanwhile, please keep all suggestions coming.

Do you have the full error message? It sounds perhaps like a problem activating the application role.

Are you a db_owner in the database in SQL Server? If not try making yourself one (if you have permission) and logging in.

Hi Louis,

take a look at this thread on MIBUSO

The gist of it is that the Windows Logins tables contains an entry for a user that does not exist any more.
if the user doesn’t exist anymore. You should be able to sort this by removing the offending record using Enterprise Manager or SQL Management Studio.