Dear Professionals,

Hope all is well at your end, I have a question please, at the moment I am facing some problem

in copy pate of data from EXCEL to VAN.

The Problem is that say when i copy 101 4486 from Excel cel and paste it on NAV then I have to DELETE at the end of the numbers (2 times) being pasted and then only NAV accepts this Item number and brings to me from database relevant Item codes.

I just want a solution that I don’t have to push DELETE after pasting on NAV, for that I can format the data on Excel

accordingly but need help please.

Thanks a lot,


These two additional chars, usually displayed as “squares” actually are CR LF (carriage return, line feed or 0A 0D in hex).

Standart Ctrl-C copying from Excel will always add them, this is so by design. A clumsy workaround is selecting a cell, then selecting the text/numbers in address bar and copying them from there, but it is longer and more annoying than deleting two chars in Navision, as you do now…

Dear Ivans,

Many thanks for the reply, its realy sad as i am a poor end user envolved in paralell running and its huge data in old sys and then NAV…loads of problem this means for me.

If there is any other wasy way then please let me know.

Kind Regards,


Hi Ali,

This is no direct workaround - you could copy the data into notepad and the copy from there.