Help ... OnInitReport and Zup File

Ok, so I put some code in the OnInitReport trigger of the transfer order report (5703). It simply initializes some globals on the request form. Problem is that no matter what I do to these values, when the request form pops up, the values are seemingly being overwritten by the zup file as they are exactly the same values as the last time I ran it. [:(!][:(][:(!] I have never seen this and I’ve used other reports this way. What is going on? Thanks as always, Owen

Check the SaveValues parameter on the Request Form. Generally, if this is Yes, then the ZUP file will override what is in the InitReport.

Or just simply use the onOpenForm event that’s on the Request form of your report for initialiating the values …

Thank you. It was the SaveValues parameter. I did not know that existed. I have to confess my lack of training here. I’ve been programming in C/AL for over a year now and alas not one course. Needless to say I am very careful before implementing. Only problem is that sometimes business needs overide the validation and verification of some projects. Its tough being an end-user developer. Nice tip about the OnOpenForm trigger i’ll keep that one in mind. Thanks everyone. Owen