Help On Matrix Form

Hi All, please solve my problem. A Table “A” has fields “User ID”,Name1,Name2,Name3,OptionField. (‘OptionField’ has values Option1,option2,option3).I made a matrix form based on this table. Matrix source table is ‘User’.The Matrix Header has Sources Expression currfrom.Matrix.Matrixrec.“User Id”. Also the field below the matrixheader is a picture box which has a source expression VIEW(A global variable option type with optionstring same as of Optionfield I.e., Option1,Option2,Option3) also the i have defined in Bitmaps property of the picture box as c:\a.bmp,c:\b.bmp,d:\d.bmp. On aftergetrecord of the Matrix I coded-- // setfilter(currform.matrix.matrixrec.“user id”,“user id”); view:=optionfield; // My problem is that for a record for Table A if a option Field value is ‘Option2’ then then it the bmp c:\b.bmp must be visible for the user for that record(for the intersection between "user id " of that record & “User Id” on the matrix header) but on Right Hand side of the Matrix i see that the BMP is visible for all the users in the Matrix head. Plz help to sort out this problem