Help on fixed assets validations.


My first post, and probably the first one of many… :slight_smile:

im trying to do a field validation on OnInsert event, in fixed assets, but im facing some dificulties in placing the cursor, or the error symbol, on the field that im validating…is this possible, an if so how can i do this?

Another problem that im facing is understanding the meaning, purpose and what does the field/structure contains , from Global’s Variables menu. Is there a help for this global variables?

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  1. Can you be more clear what is your requirement and what are you trying to achieve?

  2. depends upon the developer, if we he use naming standards then you should understand the variable

but not the purpose. to understand the purpose, you need to check the code written by that variable…

You need to write code on the fields onvalidate trigger in the table.


Thanks for your reply’s.

I allready defined the form tribute OnInsertDelay, in order to do teh validation on the OnInsert event.

My problem it’s to understand the C/AL standard functions for the FA, f.e FASetup and all others…

Is there any documentation for this functions, or any place where i can see the definition?

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If its NAV 2009 Sp1 or R2 the you can

  1. Press F1 and find the Fixed Assets

  2. If you have the customer source access then you can get the document from there

  3. Contact you partner source.