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I have 1 table (50066) with many fields but there are two fields as Flowfields with proper calcformula given

Feild one Table for CalcFormula is g/l entry and Fields two Table is 50065.

When i press F6 on both this fields the proper form is opened. Now I have created a form for this Table(50066) and the proper drilldown form can be opened whereas when i convert this form to page only Field one page is opening wheras page for Field 2 is not opening at all. Could someone please advice what more need to be done to get the drilldown for the 2nd field.



Have you created a List Page for table 50065? I see that you have a page for 50066, and I’m assuming you have a list form for table 50065. If you don’t have a list page for table 50065, that may explain the problem you’re having. And when you create that list page for table 50065, be sure to give it the same object number as the list form for the 50065 table, otherwise it won’t work.

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