Help on analysis views / reporting. Help to find walk throughs would be great..

I’m trying to find some “very basic” step-by-step… help (other than the Nav help) on creating analysis views and then anlysis reporting. If I could grasp how to set up a view I think I could then grasp how to use that specfic view in an analysis report . Thanks for any help. Andy.

Hi Andy

You need to think of what you want to see. Lets take your earlier requirement of items sold. So do you want to see this by any item dimensions? Create a view with these dimensions applied.

Then we need columns and rows. Columns depend upon what you want to see - quantity, cost, revenue, margin etc.

Really the best way to learn is to have an end design of what you want and to then build it, it really is pretty striaight forward at its simplest level, just give it a go, or post what you want here and I will see if I can guide you!

Many thanks Adam! I’ll give it a go.

I wish MS or somebody would write a book on many of the basics for start up / new users with Step-By-Step’s and screen shots… Could be a best seller. I’d buy at least 2 copies. Andy

By the time it is written it is obsolete [:D]

If you get stuck post it here, or if you just do not understand it then post the end result and I will try to tell you how to configure the rows and columns to get this.

Customer source has some online learning specifically for Analysis views.

it is pretty complete

Thanks Adam will do! Andy

Thanks. I’ll look agian I did look but had no luck… Do you know the section or have a link?

Thanks anyway! Andy