Help needed with strange data error

Hi all, Our team have just implemented a NA 3.10A system with a client. We started to find some strange errors on their system which we have not seen in any previous systems that we have implemented. The errors happen randomly and goes something like this. A user is entering Sales Order, after filling in the Sales Header information, she moved on to inserting items on the Sales Line form. However, the “You must specify Sell-To Customer No…” error pops up. But on the screen, it is clearly filled out. When the user close the reopen the Sales Order form again, all the Sales Header data except the No. are gone! There are several other “similar” errors where they are creating new Sales Orders, but they somehow got “lost”. When opening up the Sales Header table, we found that these new orders have either their “Responsibility Center” set to blank or Document Type set to “Quote”. The problem is that for this client, they don’t use Sales Quote at all and we have removed the link to open Sales Quote, and there is only one Responsibility Center (all users set to this). We did very little customization for the Sales module apart from adding new fields to store extra information only (in table 36). Even so, these data error happens seemingly randomly. I suspect that it maybe their network configuration or system setup but perhaps some of you may shed more light on the possible source of this error. The Navision runs on a SQL 2000 database on a W2000 machine. They have a mixed of XP/2000/98 client with Novell Network installed (to access some old DOS based network programs). Could the Novell part be causing some data/disk caching problem? Or perhaps we should be looking at tuning the SQL server? Your suggestions will be very much appreciated! [:)] JH

Hi Ho, Has anybody changed the Option String or sequence of Option String of Document Type in Sales Header table (36). The sequence should be Quote,Order,Invoice,Credit Memo,Blanket Order,Return Order Kindly check it.

Hi Jaiswal, Thanks for your reply. The Document Type option string has not been changed and the sequence is the same as the one you have listed. Its strange… I can’t find a pattern with the errors and I can’t recreate the same error!

We have clients using NA 3.10A & w/out any of errors mentioned by you. This could be a result of your customization. You are saying that:


…and we have removed the link to open Sales Quote,

Is it done only at Form level? Check if any changes have been made to “SourceTableView” property. If the error is due to any validations/coding, you can of course use “Debugger” to track the same.