HELP NEEDED: The woes of maximized form windows

Hello all, We are running NF 2.60 on Win2K. I have created a somewhat complex form, with a few controls to set global filters and options, a matrix box and a subform containing another matrix box. There is heavy data exchange going on between form and subform, passing the mentioned filter values around. But nonetheless, it works fine. Now we have noticed that on several PCs, when we open the form, maximize it, and then close it (without doing anything else at any point, like entering values or the like), an error message pops up saying “Das Formular ist nicht geöffnet” (“The form is not open”). The screen is then left with a few controls of the form remaining visible (but it’s just that the background of the Navision window is not being redrawn properly - when I bring another application in front and then switch back to Navision, the background is the usual dark grey). The application seems to be completely messed up afterwards - the main menu is gone and can not be brought back by pressing the Navision icon or F12. It is still active, though, because pressing blindly in the middle of nowhere [:p] will bring up the logoff confirmation we have coded into the main menu. The problem so far occurs only with this single form, and only when it is closed while in maximized window mode. When it is set to normal before closing, everything is fine. Sigh. I have always disdained these maximized forms due to several other issues in the past, but nobody ever listens to me…[:(] Any help will be gladly appreciated. Maybe a technical upgrade of the binaries will resolve the issue?

Maximizable=No Sizeable=No I’ve used it on the Main Menu so the users would loose the habit of working with maximized forms… [:p] It is, of course, not a proper solution but a workaround you can implement while you further study the problem.


Originally posted by nelson
I’ve used it on the Main Menu so the users would loose the habit of working with maximized forms… [:p]

You haven’t been a drill sergeant in the Portuguese army, have you, Nelson? [:D][}:)] Educating users to change their habits is not an option in these parts [B)] Joking aside, I seem to have identified one possible cause. In the main form’s OnAfterGetCurrRecord trigger, I call a function of the subform to pass it the number of the current record, which is used as a filter in the subform. If I remove this trigger’s code, the problem is gone. But then, my form won’t work any longer…[xx(] And why the §$&/§$& is this only a problem when closing the maximized form??? [}:)]

Soldier, did I just see you with that Customer Card maximized, humm? [:D][:D][:D] Seriously, though, if you think that your code should be harmless, try restoring a backup in the 3.70.A client: Maybe it is some strange issue that can be solved through a technical upgrade.