Help needed in Relationship management

Hi, I want to know is there any provision to view the received mails in the interaction log template (in CRM-Relationship Management). If so, I want to know what should be done for it.

Thrishna, i think you mean seeing the emails in the interaction log posts? You can activate the module exchange logging, with which you can log emails sent directly from navision, and sent to you via exchange and view them from your interaction log…

Hi Thrishna - I think I know what you mean. You can view outbound e-mail from you interaction log (which have been captured by the maillogger) but you can not view the incoming emails which have been captured the same way. You may receive the error “The call to MemberDisplay failed. NSAppHandler returned the following message: Type mismatch”. I bought this up with regards v3.6 with Microsoft and this was thier response:


I think you pointed out the right problem: the E-Mail should not be in a “post” format, but in a “mail” format. The default behavior of Exchange Server is to convert everything sent from the Internet to a public folder to a “post” format (the incoming items). If the message is sent from an Exchange object, it will arrive as a “mail” item (the outgoing items). Please review the following MS Knowledge Base Article: Microsoft Support Possible workarounds are described in the article. There are 2 other possible workarounds: The first is to create a distribution list for the public folder and add it as the only member of the distribution list, then remove the SMTP address from the public folder and add it to the distribution list. Because the mail is being forwarded to the folder by an Exchange object (the distribution list), the message will arrive in a “mail” format. The other option is to write an event sink which will automatically convert the items sent to the public folder to emails. Writing event sinks requires a fair amount of programming knowledge, but you can buy an event sink to convert the items on the internet (

We have since upgraded to 3.7 and this no longer seems to be a problem.