Help need from MCP

To all certified MCP Axapta, I’ve just fail the exam and just would like to know the answer of these question. 1. Is it possible to create a system global class ? 2. Is it possible to delete the USR layer ? if So how ? 3. If two programmer modified the application, what is to be considered when import ? will I just import directly or I need to check for some conflict before importing. 4. If I see only label@12345, does this mean that the label file was not loaded or the index is corrupted in the SQL server. Thanks in advanced. Patrick

  1. no, its not possible to create system global class. we can just add our methods to it, in layer above sys. 2. what exactly do u mean by delete the USR layers? If, u mean delete all the application objects defined in the USR layer at once, then we have to see for a single step process. which i dont know at present? what other question u get in the exam?

About the second Question: In order to get rid of the USR layer, you have to delete the file axusr.aod in Application\Appl\Standard. This is where all your modifications on this layer are stored. 3. You have to make sure they didn’t modify the same objects and if so, the imports becomes a hard job, because you have to include changes made by both programmers. 4. I think it means the label file was not loaded, because the 2nd answer is not related to labels. (it’s about SQL indexes, and labels are stored in a file locally on the machine)