Help migrating 2.65 classic db to 2.65 SQL Option

I can’t get the restore/move to SQL option working in our current version 2.65. I’m doing a backup of the DB (Navision Classic Server 2.65) using 2.65 Classic client (fin.exe), selecting all options including application objects. Attempting to restore using 2.65 client for SQL Option (finsql.exe) into a new, empty SQL 2000 database disables the option (grayed out) to restore Application Objects (forms, reports, codeunits etc. I assume). It will restore only the tables and data, nothing else. Can’t do anything with the data without the GUI objects or code. :slight_smile: It does the same thing when I try it with Cronus. Changing license files to a full-on NCS developer license has no affect. Last night I stopped the server service (STOPSRV.EXE), restarted it and logged in locally as the only session and tried it that way with the same results. At one point before (couple months ago) I was able to get this to work while testing it on my local machine and this problem didn’t exist. At any rate, we need help with this as a priority because our migration of Navision to SQL Server is the basis for a number of fast approaching projects. Our intent is to restore the 2.65 data to SQL and access it using the 3.7 executables.

the option to restore application objects is disabled (“grayed out”) if any objects exist in the database. For example, after creating a new database you then create a super user, security tables will be added to the database which then disables the ability to restore application objects. another way around this is to use the Object Designer Export and Import Objects. Export all objects from the classic server and then import all objects in to the SQL server.