Help - Manufacturing documentation & FOBs

Dear Sir. In Russian and English Manufacturing Documentation Version 3.60 (AT-360-ILT-014-V01.00-…) I find 2 lines: - “Press Shift F12 to open the Object Designer and import the file demotraining.fob (localization CD: Localize\Training\Source\MANCOURSE). Run Code Unit 60030 “Create Manuf. Training Data”.” - “Open the Object Designer and import the file safedemotraining.fob (localization CD: Localize\Training\Source\MANCOURSE). AND Run Codeunit 60060, “Create Safe Training Data””. BUT I cann’t find this 2 BOF’s - “demotraining.fob” and “safedemotraining.fob”. May anybody send me this fobs to Thanks in advance!

I too am looking for documentation on NAVISION, especially Inventory Management and Supply Chain Management, for self study. Can anyone email me the pdf’s? Thanks Eugenia