HELP!! how to call a .net dll webservice from Navi

Hi All, We are using Navision 3.70 Indian Version at one of our client Side. For all Docmentation related to diffrent entities, the client wants to use Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server. Share Point Portal exposes its functionality to other application through Web Services, which is .net DLL. Problem is that Navision does not support .Net Dlls. So help is needed in this regard, how to call a .net dll webservice from Navision. Thanks Param

Navision doesn’t support .NET Objects only COM objects. One possible solution is to create in Visual Studio .NET an object exposed as COM, that manipulates the DLL Web Service.

You might need to register the dll assembly using Regasm.exe, with /tlb option to generate a type library, so that it is exposed to be used by COM. And then create a COM object that ‘wraps’ the .NET dll using COM development such as Visual C++, importing the generated type library. Only then you use this COM object in Navision. Well, this is the way I can think of. For more information, visit: