help for Navision Integration with microsoft Project

hi friends

Can any one suggest on how to integrate NAV with MS Project.

What are the possibllities available for integrating the two platforms on-line???



Write an XML port. u can export & import data from project server to nav

C/ODBC is supported by MS Project as well. But you run in to other problems.

First set up an example planning in project, export, examine which project fields can be imported.

Then you can try to map (famous template).

Definitely you will need to string manipulate between with another application.

XML is an option how ever, but the most difficult.

You can use Excel with or without XML.

You can use visual foxpro.

At the end you are re-inventing the wheel.

There is a a crude ctrl-C ctrl-v option to get to a planning.

Open a suitable navision grid and copy to excel or directly in to project.

Open Project or Open Workbench can be used like this also.

The problem is defining the durations and links between tasks.

Just resources and tasks are not enough.