Help Designing Pages in NAV

Hey guys,

We have a set of “parametric data” parameters that we’d like to add to our item records. There are anywhere from 10 to 50 unique headers, depending on the item category. I’ve gone ahead and created two tables for this purpose - ID 50002, “Parametric Data”, which contains 4 columns:
Code, Applies To, Name, Possible Values. Code is a Length 3 Code field, and using C/AL code I am generating unique letter patterns for each. Starting at AAA and going through ZZZ, that provides over 16,000 possibilities. Applies To is a record link to the Item Category Code field of the Item record.
ID 50003, “PData Responses”, which has 3 columns:
Item No., Attribute, Value. Attribute is a length-3 code field which has a record link back to the Code field of 50002.

The way I envision this, it’ll be somewhat like Item UoMs, where you can easily create a FactBox or something similar on the item page to show this data.

Here are the things I need help with - and keep in mind I’m a complete beginner, I only just learned how to edit C/AL code at all so if you could please provide as much “how-to” as possible, that would be greatly appreciated.

I created a new form using table 50003, and set it to a repeater, so that users can at least enter a bunch of different data. However, I’d like it to automatically have all of the relevant headers shown - that can be done by filtering table 50002’s “applies to” value to match the item category code of the item that called it. I know how to pass the value in, for example it automatically stores the item number right now.

I imagine that I’d need a Rec or xRec variable that can grab data from the other table, but I really don’t know how to set that up. Conceptually, what I am trying to do is fairly simple, but there might be a lot of C/AL coding involved to get what we need.