HELP=> Customer ledger entry Error

I am getting this error when I try to post from a journal

0572.Error.psd (129 KB)

Error is

There is no cust ledger entry within the filter.

Filters:Document No.:0001,Customer No.:FIN0033,Document Type:’ ',Open:‘Yes’

Hi Peter,

there should be a field “applied-to document no.” or something like that in your journal search this field for the number named above, when found empty the field and the error-message should be cleared.



I have included the field Document no. in the journal but am still experiencing the same error…

Go to the document you are applying the payment/credit to - is it open? I would guess that it has already been closed by a different transaction and therefore you cannot post your journal applying the transaction to the entry. Simply put you have an invoice the customer has paid, it is closed, trying to apply a payment to the invoice would return this message because it is closed. This logic applies to any transaction, so credit and invoice etc.

Not “Document no.” but “applied-to document no.”

I have removed the validation key for applied to.Document No…So I can now post…i hope it will not bring any problems later.

I don’t think that was a good idea…why didn’t you just check the field mentioned above line by line for document nos that are already applied?


Nope that will bring you problems. The same document is now overapplied, no idea what this has done, but you need to find the document as suggested earlier.

Am I suppose to unapply or just open closed entries.Am not getting you?

What I have done is I have gone to the code that validated applied to Document No: and dissabled it how will it affect me later if i am planning not to use this field.

If you never apply documents then ever document will always be open - so you apply a payment to an invoice, but as you are not allowing this application there will be an open payment on account and an unpaid invoice that will appear on the statement and aged debtors list. the application element is a fundamental part of the accounting processes and controls.

Commenting out code because you do not understand a perfectly valid message is only going to cause you issues as an approach to problem solving.