Help! Custom Parameter Form For Report

Hi All, I have created a new report based on a view definition…But the problem is SysQuery form which acts as a default parameter form for report, it picks the data from Axapta table and not the view…e.g. If I bypass the sysquery parameter form, i get all the data in my report which comes from my view(actually my view is based on an union between 2 tables from 2 different databases). But if i pass parameter to the report using sysquery form, it picks up the data from the Axapta table and not view… I think SysQuery form uses TmpSysQuery table which is dynamically populated at run time bcoz when i couldnt find any data thru AOT(Table browser)… How do i override the SysQuery behaviour or how do i create a custom parameter form which links my report??? Any help appreciated Thanks Dilip