Help - comdlg32.ocx

Hi, I’m using the comdlg32.ocx and it works fine except on one client. I’m using Navision v2.0. the client has the NT as a OS, and the network is a Novell. I’ve tried the comdlg32.ocx on win95,98,2000 and NT and using a NT network and it works. The only difference that I see is the Novell network. and the error message that I get is following. Could not create instance … This may be caused by a missing or corrupted control licence file …etc. Any ideas ? reg, Unnar

Hi, I am not ceratin if this is the answer, but problems with common dialog control is a well known probelm in the Access 97 development area where controls will / wont work on different machines. It all to do with versions of the control not being compatiable with each other. There is a whole lot of TID at microsoft / MSDN on this, but what might work is to try to deregister the commdlg32 dll’s etc from the bad machine, then copy the dll’s from a good machine then re register them, this usually works. If not check out the TID’s for more info… Bruce

Hi Bruce, thanks for your answer, I found out this morning that I can use this ocx on that client if I run a local database, but if I try to connect through the network to a service the problem occurs. Unnar

I had the same problem. It disappeared after installation service pack 6 for NT.