Help - Adjust Cost-Item Entries

Can someone please help ! I am having a problem running NF2.6A on SQL and have come across a problem. When running the adjust cost-item entries routine wthin inventory, the system seems to ‘lock up’ when processing the item increase entries, such that the processing box just continues to show the entries being processed, but never finishes. I have tried rebooting the server and running the routine with no other users logged on, but to no effect. This has just started after 3 months of use. We do have a fair number of item ledger entries however, but I do not think this is the problem. On a similar note, sometimes when I am in an inventory list and I scroll up or down, the list gers ‘stuck’ and loops between two records, which means that you have to come out of the list in order to scroll to the record you require. I am a little baffled to say the least - has anyone seen anything similar ??

You should install the 2.6 updates, hotfixes and servicepacks. One of the problems solved has to do with repeated access with some specific filters active, which resembles the troubles you describe. John